Previous News (pre-2007)

December 8, 2006

Conrad has sold a new short story, Tight Wrappers, to Comma Press for their upcoming horror anthology Phobic. The book should be available very soon. Keep them peeled here for details.

October 12, 2006

On Thursday, October 26th, Conrad will be involved in a Halloween reading at Didsbury Library, Manchester, along with top writer Nicholas Royle. The event starts at 7pm and will go on until 9pm. It’s free to attend and there will be refreshments available.

October 6, 2006

Publishers Weekly have given The Unblemished a starred review this week. They say:

“British Fantasy Award–winner Williams describes his virtuoso, grotesque nightmare of a book as a “paean to the novels I grew up on in the 1980s.” It’s an unnecessary observation: readers will immediately recognize the influence of Stephen King, Clive Barker, Peter Straub and Ramsey Campbell. Playing on humanity’s deepest fears and taboos, Williams plunges the reader deep into a hellish near-future where creatures banished five centuries ago rise again to lay eggs in the few people they don’t consume alive, turning London into a cross between hive and abattoir.

“Caught up in the grisly madness are photographer Bo Mulvey, who goes looking for excitement and gets more than he bargained for; Sarah Hickman and her beautiful, disturbed daughter, Claire, on the run from a hit man with an amputation fetish; and Gyorsi Salavaria, a cannibalistic child killer determined to become the mate of the invaders’ new queen. Williams (Use Once, Then Destroy) is so good at what he does that he probably shouldn’t be allowed to do it anymore, for the sake of everyone’s sanity.”

October 3, 2006

In the Writers’ World Cup, England finished fourth… well, okay, last. We were trounced 5-1 by Italy and 2-0 by Hungary. Sweden won the final, beating Italy on penalties.

September 11, 2006

Conrad’s story Slitten Gorge is to appear in a Cemetery Dance anthology next year entitled The British Invasion.

August 14, 2006

Conrad has sold a new short story, Perhaps the Last, to Ellen Datlow for her forthcoming anthology Inferno.

Conrad’s ambition to play football for England will come true in September when he shows off his silky skills against Italy in the semi-final of the Writers’ League World Cup in Florence. The winners of that match will play either Sweden or Hungary in the final. Stay tuned for the inevitable penalty disappointment…

Thursday, June 8, 2006

Conrad’s new novel, The Unblemished, will be published by Earthling this Halloween. The book will contain an afterword by the author and an introduction by Jeff VanderMeer. You can read an extract from the novel, see the stunning cover by Chris Nurse, and even pre-order the book here.

The Cryptanalyst is a short story due to be published as an A6 pocket book from Leaf later in 2006.

Conrad’s story, The Hoopoe, is to appear in a collection of flash fiction from Canongate, edited by Pete Wild.

As Nuala Deuel, Conrad has written a biography of Princess Spider, the infamous London Domme. True Experiences of a Dominatrix, published by Virgin Books, is available now.

The Veteran is out now in Postscripts 6. Copies can be ordered here.

The Scalding Rooms is set to appear at the end of 2006. Introduced by Graham Joyce, this also boasts a cover by Les Edwards working as Edward Miller. Les very kindly says of the book: ‘One of the darkest, most intense stories I’ve read in ages.’

Rain, a novella from Gray Friar Press, will hopefully be launched at Fantasycon XXX in Nottingham this autumn.

Cinema Macabre, containing Conrad’s piece on The Shining has been released by PS Publishing. The book, edited by Mark Morris, contains fifty articles on the horror films that have shaped the genre.

Jeff VanderMeer interviewed Conrad Williams for the SF Site in January 2006. You can read it here. Jeff also invited Conrad to contribute to his Walk the Plank series.

Tuesday, August 24, 2005

Night Shade Books have just posted the cover of the US edition of London Revenant at their site.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Conrad has just sold his new novella, The Scalding Rooms, to PS Publishing. The book is earmarked for a 2006 release. More details soon.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Following the appalling events of 7/7, the BFS awards showcase has been rearranged for the 23rd July. Same time, same venue. It would be great to see a big attendance.

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