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This is no ordinary storm …

Ben and his family move in to a French house cloaked by storm clouds. The walls fail to keep out intruders. Warnings appear. There is an accident. There is death. There is rain. Much rain.

This is Conrad Williams’ new novella. Remember to breathe.

“From the start, Williams has shown himself an accomplished stylist, while his skill at evoking the bizarre and outré has never been in doubt. Yet with this novella he demonstrates his ability to parse the psyche of an ordinary man whose life is crumbling underneath him with a deftness that calls to mind Saul Bellow and Richard Ford… Rain is a substantial achievement. Taken together with The Scalding Rooms, it more than makes the case for Conrad Williams’s continuing development and importance as a writer of weird fiction. After the success of The Unblemished (2006), Williams’s next move was a question. Like many writers before him, he has chosen to follow a long book with shorter ones, concentrating his energies on briefer projects. Distilled, his fiction loses none of its power. “
John Langan, Dead Reckonings

“Rain is a disturbing snapshot of a failing marriage, looking back at happier times and trying to figure out where it all went so badly wrong. The characterisation is spot on, and the outré elements enhance the growing sense of unease as the story progresses, the feeling that otherworldly forces are involved. The writing is moody, evocative, involving, packed with incidental detail and chillingly perfect metaphors. Williams is equally adept at describing the almost sublime eroticism of happier times and the gut-wrenching horror of the finale… Williams’ skill at creating atmosphere, delineating damaged characters and simply shocking the reader to the core is as evident here as in any of his longer works.”
Peter Tennant, Black Static

“Rain is a tight, compact story that moves along with enough intensity and emotion to leave you exhausted by the time you reach the dark, disturbing ending. Even with the low page count of this one-sitting novella, the story is packed with more real-world sentiment and dark despair than many epic novels ten times the size. Rain is one of those novellas that stays with you long after you set the book aside as the wonderfully crafted writing and rich emotion-filled drama works its way deep into your imagination. Williams so perfectly captures the despair and emotion that accompanies the breakdown of any relationship that you will feel that he has plucked this story straight from the real world… barely a word is wasted as Williams leads the reader through the rich atmosphere and quiet horror until the nerve-shattering conclusion. I highly recommend everyone pick up a copy of Rain by Conrad Williams and discover for yourselves the outstanding talent of an author who truly understands the horror genre.”
Joe Kroeger, Horror World


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