I’m back from three nights at a fantastic festival in Southwold. I read a chapter from The Unblemished at midnight, Saturday, in front of around 250 people, easily my biggest ever audience, despite it being either inherited, or lying in wait for the circus performers at the end of the evening. I took along a box of London Revenant to give away and they all went quickly, so that was nice… one less thing to pack in the car. My boys enjoyed it too. Zac learned how to crawl while he was there. Highlights were Joanna Newsom, even if she did forget the words to one of her songs (it just made her even more cute), Interpol, and The Breeders, who I’ve liked since Pod (1990), and who were terrific, obviously a band at total ease with themselves and having a bunch of fun. Grinderman sounded great, although I heard them at distance, babysitting in the tent with Ethan and Ripley while Rhonda was checking out Blondie. It was such a laid back festival that, even after a six-hour drive back to Manchester and the discovery that I had not won the Shirley Jackson award for best novella (congratulations Lucius!), I was in an extremely good mood… Although it’s back to the new novel tomorrow. Expect happiness levels to plummet…

The Second Humdrumming Book of Horror Stories

Yes, The Second Humdrumming Book of Horror Stories is on its way, and we’re pleased to announce it will be available in two versions: traditional paperback, and now jacket-less hardcover!

Both of the versions will have the same artwork on their outsides and both will have the same 258 pages inside filled with horror and terror! Rammed full of scary and disturbing tales of things guaranteed to make your tummy all wobbly-like!

The Limited Edition, hard-cover, signed by as many people as we can, Printed Paper Case, matt laminated, un-numbered, strictly limited to 100 copies World-wide, Vitamin-D injected, Collector’s version is made available to you for the low, low, ultra-reasonable price of only £20.

Each and every author will be signing the books using a signature sheet entirely designed and created in the Humdrumming Canadian Headquarters. That’s a total of 17 signatures: Guy Adams, James Cooper, Christopher Fowler, Gary Fry, Rhys Hughes, Davin Ireland, Andrew Jury, Michael Kelly, Tim Lebbon, Gary McMahon, Ian Alexander Martin, Mark Morris, Sarah Pinborough, Simon Strantzas, John Travis, Carol Weekes and Conrad Williams!! Oh yes!

The traditional version will be available for £9.99 and can be pre-ordered for as long as we can sell it.

Which version will you get? The traditional, boring version, or the exciting, signed one? You know you want both!