British Invasion

Cemetery Dance has published British Invasion, edited by Christopher Golden, Tim Lebbon, and James A. Moore with cover artwork by Les Edwards. Featuring an Introduction by Stephen Volk and an Afterword by Kim Newman. All New Dark Fiction by Allen Ashley, Kealan Patrick Burke, Ramsey Campbell, Mark Chadbourn, Peter Crowther, Paul Finch, Gary Fry, Joel […]

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Another free chapter…

ONE Chapter FourThe Great North Road Jane wakened suddenly, into terror. The jolt from sleep was down to some external factor, not a bad dream, not a gradual returning from unconsciousness. He knew this feeling; Stanley grizzling in his cot. Cherry knocking over the pot of toothbrushes in the bathroom. A sound had brought him […]

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The Guardian

Courtesy of Keith Brooke. You can read the entire review here. Conrad Williams, a horror writer on a roll at the moment, gives us Captain Low, on a mission to avenge the gruesome slaughter of his crew, in an intriguing and ever-darkening tale.

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The Fix

Courtesy of Fábio Fernandes… you can read the entire review here. “68° 06′N, 31° 40′W” by Conrad Williams is a hard story. Imagine, if you will, Ernest Hemingway writing a pirate story. Or telling us about the Shackleton expedition. Style aside, Williams delivers a manly, harsh narrative concerning the obsession of a man on a […]

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68° 07′ 15" N, 31° 36′ 44" W

The Night Shade anthology Fast Ships, Black Sails is now out, containing a story that Publishers Weekly describe in their review as ‘Conrad Williams’s baffling little chunk of horror’. I don’t know… is that a good thing? Anyway, here’s their review in full: Saintly pirates, loony pirates, pirate cooks and talking animal-buccaneers slash and swagger […]

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Decay Inevitable

The details for the cover of this novel, with art by Dave McKean, has been finalised. Here it is. Although, for some reason, it’s all blue… it should be a gorgeous red. You can get a much better view here. Hopefully it will turn some heads in the bookshops (and inspire much frantic opening of […]

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