The Fix

Courtesy of Fábio Fernandes… you can read the entire review here.

“68° 06′N, 31° 40′W” by Conrad Williams is a hard story. Imagine, if you will, Ernest Hemingway writing a pirate story. Or telling us about the Shackleton expedition. Style aside, Williams delivers a manly, harsh narrative concerning the obsession of a man on a voyage doomed from the beginning, where the captain leads his crew in search of a malefactor who seems to be evil incarnate:

Amputation means no pay. Anything else, death for example, would be a bonus. This man has a great debt of pain to his past. And mark my words, Captain. He’ll never fall. He’s weak, but he’ll fight till his seams part. That dog’s drenched in bad luck. His leg will rot with him still using it before he gives up the ghost.

The story begins almost noncommittally but suddenly becomes a kind of whodunit meets meets CSI meets Pirates of the Caribbean —and ends up as something truly terrifying. A dark, beautiful story.


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