Lord of Grim

A great review of One by Robert Morrish, in Dead Reckonings 5, in which he says, ‘One is the latest impressive achievement from an author who has strung together a series of remarkable books… One is a darkly powerful tale that upholds and even enhances that legacy… With One, Williams firmly establishes his dominion as the king of bleak, the lord of grim.’

Black Static

A quite stunning review of One by Peter Tennant of Black Static magazine. A few choice quotes:

‘Williams’ entry in the field of apocalyptic fiction is both an incredibly poignant tale of loss and a harrowing vision of horror.’

‘While The Unblemished was a masterly novel, with One Williams raises his game yet higher, presenting the reader with a graphic depiction of hell on earth.’

Science Fiction and Fantasy Ethics

Tired of the negativity and cynicism plaguing much of the fantasy world, writer Andy Remic decided to kick-start a new group devoted to the positive side of things. I’m proud to be one of the authors invited to be involved at the group’s inception (and I’m in stellar company). It’s just gone live and it’s very cool and you can find it here.