Day Two… Scars and girls

1135 words. Today I broke the 25,000 word mark.

I can’t quite remember if it was on a forum or a letter to a small press publication but some years ago, I was ‘accused’ (if that’s the right word) of being a one-trick pony in that seemingly every story I wrote contained a guy who met a girl, or vice versa. I dare say he was right, because, well, what else is there? Boy meets girl. Boy and girl fall in love. Boy and girl fall out of love. Girl kills boy with a javelin of ice through the throat.

I mention this now because I’ve just been writing about two damaged characters who meet after a cautious ‘scorpion dance’. Boy and girl. So shoot me. The other thing about them is that their damage is not limited to psychological problems. It’s physical too. These people have been through the mill. Scars blemish their skin like fractures in stone. Something else, apparently, that crops up with tedious regularity in my work. My old boss, actually, pointed that one out to me. ‘Why are so many of your characters scarred?’ she asked. I don’t know. I find scars pretty fascinating. We all have them, don’t we? Show me someone who doesn’t own at least one scar, a tiny scar, and you’ll be showing me a freak. That isn’t an invitation, by the way. Keep your clothes on…


2 thoughts on “Day Two… Scars and girls

  1. What a bizarre thing to be accused of, surely most books feature "boy meets girl" in one way or another?As for the scars, that's probably true, but again, makes for interesting fiction.

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