Day Six… Where did that come from?

1132 words.

At 8pm I was thinking, arses… nothing today. I was on munchkin duty this morning so that Mum could potter about spoiling herself. The rest of the day was spent feeding and watering and ferrying munchkins to Hobbycraft to buy air-drying clay.

I fired up the machine this evening, intending to shamefacedly display my zero to the world. But then I thought, hang on, what if… and then… followed by… and in an hour I’d topped a thousand words.

Me: ‘Look at what I managed tonight, in just one hour!’
Rhonda: ‘Why do you need writing days, then, if you can work like that?’
Me: (panic, retreating fast) ‘Oh, but it’s very rare, such a thing…’

I ought to list what music I’ve been listening to, while writing. I get easily distracted by odd noises, so I often have headphones on. No lyrics. Soundtracks and ambient music, in the main…

Today: Biosphere, Shenzhou

What I’m currently reading: The Naked Pilot, by David Beaty.


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