Day Ten… Scrivener

2157 words.

I posted elsewhere that Microsoft Word is gathering dust in my applications folder. I keep it now only as a tool to read incoming documents, although Tofu might yet mean that Word is relegated to the dustbin.

Scrivener is my writing application of choice these days. It is a lovely, lovely thing. I can outline my novel, add bits of research, URLs, pictures, and keep everything organised and tidy and accessible without having lots of windows open while I work on the words. It is software written for the writer in mind. There’s a virtual corkboard and virtual index cards (I prefer to use the real thing, but they’re there if you need them). There are some nice touches such as a keywords search (useful to see in which chapters a particular character crops up), a snapshot option (so that you can go back to the original if you mess up an editing session) and a customisable full screen so that you can work without desktop distractions (I’m using an old school green on black look… a bit kinder on the eye than black on white).

I’ve touched on just a fraction of the number of things this application can do for writers. I can’t believe I’ve managed for so long without it. Mac users (no version available for PC types as yet) should check out the website for a free trial. You won’t be disappointed. And no… I’m not getting any commission.

Listened to The Dark Knight, by Hanz Zimmer and James Newton Howard.


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