Day Forty-Four… Chess

641 words. When I was seven, I taught myself how to play chess. There was something about the board and the pieces… if I’d known the word at that age, I might have described it as fetishistic. I just liked setting everything up and the way that, after just a few familiar opening moves, you […]

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Day Forty-Three… Back again

349 words Short story written and delivered, I can return to Loss for a while, before I go on holiday on the 24th. Ideally, I’ll get to write each evening after the munchkins have climbed the wooden mountain to Bedfordshire, but there’s every chance I’ll be asleep by then too. I hope to add to […]

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Day Forty-One… Pesky Editors

636 words. So now I find out that the short story I need to write for the end of the month has a new deadline date of May 17th. I’m going to have to write both in tandem. I can’t afford to let Blonde slide for another week. Today’s output dealt with something which might, […]

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Day Thirty Nine… Hard Return

844 words. It proved very hard to get back into this novel after a number of weeks away. The edits were completed quite quickly, but then I had to fly to Germany to participate in the Ruhr Lit Cup with the England Writers’ Team, a tournament in which, despite playing well, we finished 6th out […]

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