A New Voice

1616 words. Paul’s been hogging the show since day one. He’s in every single scene and every single scene is being written from his point of view. Well, not any more. There’s a new character, with a new voice, and she’s going to be making the odd appearance throughout the story. There’s always a little […]

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Friday the 13th

1565 words. Today I bypassed the 60,000 word mark. Not an unlucky day for me. So far… I first saw Friday the 13th in a mental institute when I was about 12 years old. I wasn’t a patient… My best friend, Naeem, lived in a house nearby; his father was a doctor who worked at […]

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Grimm Reading

As part of the Manchester Literature Festival (in conjunction with the Grimm Up North Festival), Conrad will be appearing on a panel (also featuring Tariq Goddard and Matt Haig) discussing the breadth and diversity of horror literature. The event takes place on Sunday, 24th October at 3pm at the Cornerhouse, 70 Oxford Street, Manchester M1 […]

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Nitty gritty

1087 words. Not a dedicated writing day, but I managed to hit 800 words in an hour this morning before taking over munchkin duties. I might have written more, but I was in a gnarly, knotty section that was research heavy. What colour are Qantas cabin crew uniforms at the moment? How much runway does […]

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Controlled Flight into Terrain

1109 words. It came a little easier today… possibly because I was writing about my fear of flying, or rather, my fear of the pilots losing all control of an aircraft at 36,000 feet and going into an irretrievable spin… Listening to: Possibly the worst free CD given away by a newspaper in the history […]

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Third trimester

733 words. Another slog. Which is odd, because I know where this chapter has to go. Maybe I’ve got end-of-novel nerves. Everything is set up for the climax, and now it’s a matter of getting Paul to where he needs to be. Maybe I’m looking ahead too much and should try to get back to […]

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Pulling teeth

1037 words. See you on 01.08.10… hmmm. I’m only four days late. An overdue short story and arrangements for a book signing got in the way. Honest. But this first chunk of the last third of the novel… it was very hard to get that thousand words written today. I’ve been easily distracted of late […]

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