Pumpkin Soup

Conrad will be reading at a Halloween event in Preston on October 19th. The event has been organised by the Lancashire Writing Hub. More details here.

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Three days

651 words 1325 words 1065 words That’s all for now… move along. More tomorrow. Listened to: Nine Inch Nails, The Fragile (Right)

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Applying the brakes

1026 words I’m into the last 10-15,000 words of this novel. I can feel the shape of the book; I understand its length now. I reckon I’ve got another 40-60 pages or so before it’s finished. I’ve hit the climactic final stretch. The third act. The resolution pages. So why is my character taking time […]

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1018 words. I found a piece of paper recently. It was something my son, Ripley (6) wrote, or is in the process of writing. I don’t think it’s finished. Or it might be. You can’t really tell with kids. Anyway, I won’t tell you what was on it because I want to use it in […]

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Cold tea

1095 words. A slow day… but engrossing. I can tell it’s going well if I forget about the hot drink I made. Listened to: Event Horizon OST, by Michael Kamen and Orbital.

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