Where I work…

At the start of 2004 I had an idea for a weekly newspaper column about writers’ workplaces. It might have grown to be a book of photographs, a warts-and-all depiction of so-and-so’s desktop, complete with mouldering coffee cups, scruffy in-trays and ancient, or cutting edge, word processors. I contacted The Independent and suggested it. No reply. A short while later, The Independent ran an Easter competition: something along the lines of Guess who writes at this desk. Shortly after that The Guardian began a weekly slot called Writers’ Rooms. I’m not for one moment suggesting that anybody pinched my idea; I believe in the concept of morphic resonance, but I was a bit peeved, to say the least. I should have gone ahead with my idea anyway – my agent at the time reckoned it would make for a decent coffee table project, expecially if there was a charity angle to be found – but, like many writers, something else came up… a new novel, some paid work, a baby.

Anyway, bitter preamble aside, this blog post was really just an excuse to show you a picture of my work space. I might be in a minority, but I love seeing where people write their pages. Will Self‘s study, for example, is great. If I get it together sufficiently enough over the next few days, I’ll post pictures of the rest of the room. Warts and all (after I’ve cleaned up, obviously).


3 thoughts on “Where I work…

  1. How strange. At almost exactly the same time I had the same idea for a website that featured a different writer’s desk each week. I did the first one on my own working area and put it on my personal site, then … the Independent, the Guardian… So it was *your* fault! Nice to have morphically resonated with you, sir.

  2. sophie c

    That is a wicked ‘Thing’ poster. And Will Self’s room is the one I remember most from that series – didn’t he also deliberately face onto a really dismal view? And I hope the Post-Its are those SuperStick ones…

  3. Keith, I sensed your morphic presence, but couldn’t identify it as you.

    Sophie, thanks. That ‘Thing’ poster came free with something. I can’t remember what. I believe Will Self lives in Lansdowne Way, Stockwell. Amazing Post-it notes. Mine never stick like that.

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