Calcium Cowboys

It was midnight when I turned the key in the lock. I listened for Ruth but could hear nothing. I went for a hot bath and crept into bed. I couldn’t get rid of the cold, even though the heating was on. I felt too tired to sleep. But then I woke up and I was sweltering, the sweat dripping off me. I felt my skeleton clenched within its juicy prison. My grinning incumbent. White skull.

You know, cannonball, and the like.

I rolled over and my heart was beating hard and fast and it was as if the skeleton had somehow got its ribcage to shrink in a bid to press down on what was keeping me alive.

I am within you but you are also within me.

I sat up. Wind cast spits of rain against glass. I knew I’d said the words. Spoken them for my thin, white friend.


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