Gutshot marks Conrad Williams’ debut as an editor. It is an anthology of ‘Weird West’ stories to be published by PS Publishing some time in late 2011, if all goes well. The book will contain 20 original short stories from new and established authors and features stunning cover art by Caniglia. Here’s the close-to-finalised ToC (in no particular order):

Paul Meloy Carrion Cowboy
Alan Ryan Passage
James Lovegrove The Black Rider
Zander Shaw Blue Norther
Joel Lane Those Who Remember
Mark Morris Waiting for the Bullet
Gary McMahon El Camino de Rojo
Joe R. Lansdale The Bones that Walk
Peter Crowther & Rio Youers Splinters
Christopher Fowler The Boy Thug
Amanda Hemingway Ghosts
Simon Bestwick Kiss the Wolf
Stephen Volk White Butterflies
Gemma Files Some Kind of Light Shines from Your Face
Cat Sparks The Alabaster Child
Sarah Langan Beasts of Burden
Adam Nevill What God Hath Wrought

More news to follow soon…


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