Bite-Sized Horror


A new anthology edited by Johnny Mains, available on June 30, 2011.


Brighton Redemption – Reggie Oliver
The Between – Paul Kane
His Pale Blue Eyes – David A. Riley
The Unquiet Bones – Marie O’ Regan
The Rookery – Johnny Mains
The Carbon Heart – Conrad Williams


BITE SIZED HORROR is part of The Obverse Quarterly – a new venture in current small press publishing. Taking our cue from the New English Library paperbacks of the 1970s, Obverse Books are delighted to present a set of four paperback short story collections, available both by annual subscription and as single volumes, each covering an area of interest to the genre fiction fan. From horror to fantasy, science fiction to detective stories, and with brand new stories from the likes of Michael Moorcock, Conrad Williams and Paul Magrs. The Obverse Quarterly has something fresh and unexpected for everyone!

There have been some good reviews so far, including this one from The Stars at Noonday and this one from Ginger Nuts of Horror.

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