Blitz August

With the prospect of some (hopefully) long-term paid work looming in September, August is shaping up to be the month in which I return to novel writing. Having spent the first half of the year taking a break from the long form and working on a number of short stories, I’m now looking to make inroads into not one new novel, but two, in 31 days. I thought long and hard about this way of working, but I feel confident that the two stories can co-exist. They feel like totally different beasts for a start. Operation Bayonet* will be a third-person adult novel, my attempt at a modern haunted house story, typed directly into Scrivener. Operation Glyph* will be a first-person, wildly-fantastical YA novel, written in a notebook, longhand, with a fountain pen (a Sheaffer Targa black lacquer fountain pen, for those writer nerds – like me – interested in these things, a 21st birthday present from my sister).

I’m hoping, by the end of August, to have produced somewhere in the region of 20,000 words (a conservative figure, I hope) on each project, which will provide a good bedrock of material for a busy future in which I’ll be squirrelling away nuggets of work whenever I can. Hopefully, by then, one of these novels will have forced its way to the front and I’ll be more than ready to downshift in order to coax it to completion.

As I did with the writing of Loss of Separation, I intend to post regular updates here. See you on Monday, August 1st.

* Not their real titles…