Gutshot Teaser no. 5

The Black Rider by James Lovegrove The Black Rider dismounts. His stallion, which has never been favoured with a name, stands stock-still, head low, barely flicking its tail. The Black Rider crosses over to where you lie on the ground. Rowels jingle. Leather creaks. The Black Rider hunkers down beside you. His face is masked, […]

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The Unblemished

A good review of The Unblemished from The Eloquent Page… “Few writers have the ability to genuinely unsettle me but Williams has succeeded here. Put it this way – up until last night it has been decades since I have had to take a break from reading a book because it was creeping me out. If […]

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Gutshot Teaser no. 4

The Ghost Warriors by Michael Moorcock He spoke a melodic, vibrant, faintly accented English which made it immediately clear how he could lead so many young warriors by the power of his words alone. The great black war-lance was in his hands and the red engravings seemed to come alive within the metal, reflecting his […]

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Gutshot Teaser no. 3

Carrion Cowboy by Paul Meloy Iktomi begins to chant his charm words. His fire crackles and glows with a bright green flame. In the glow of that wicked fire, Iktomi casts his scuttling shadow. The North Dakota cowboy begins to rise.

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Gutshot Teaser no. 2

Passage by Alan Peter Ryan Men around there called them the Hills of Hell. Even the Comanche called that treacherous and shadowy maze the Tortured Path, which meant roughly the same as Hell in their own tongue. Yet the Comanche had always loved those hills and the torturous narrow trails winding among them and had roamed […]

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Gutshot Teaser no. 1

Blue Norther by Zander Shaw The guns. I watched the guns blaze. I saw the fire spurt from the end of those death-dealers. I saw the holes appear in you both. I watched the blood fan out from your backs like red angel wings. They dug graves and they put us in, all together. They […]

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Happy birthday, Ray Bradbury

I love Ray Bradbury. I read a lot of his short stories when I was starting out as a writer and I envied him his prolificity, and the expansive market that was available to him. Here was a writer who made a living out of his short stories when he was in his twenties. He’d […]

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Chosen road

Project Bayonet: 1021 words Project Wishbone: 659 words (quite a few of them written close to midnight last night, sitting on the edge of a concrete plant pot on Piccadilly station’s platform 13) I’ve met a number of people over the years with writing ambitions. A lot of them never finish a piece of work […]

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A good day…

…apart from a claw in the thumb, this time. I wrote 1061 words of Project Bayonet and 1076 words of Project Wishbone. I also outlined The Fox and wrote a blurb for Gutshot, as well as a press release. In the evening I managed to squeeze in a film, Ils, before crashing. Smug? Me? One […]

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You set a month aside to write some big chunks of two new novels and life gets in the way. In among the paltry word count, there have been too many late night (and late afternoon) birthday parties, too many battles with the cat to get her to swallow some antibiotics (at one point she […]

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