Day Four

Project Bayonet: 1113 words

Project Wishbone: 0 words

It’s never quite how you imagined it, the story, even in those first few thousand words. The words don’t chime quite as well as they did in your head. The descriptions don’t sing. The character’s not quite as you intended. I try not to panic about this any more. I like to think it’s the inner writer, (the important guy), getting things done, rather than relying on this flouncy outer idiot who stares at the trees, or tries to provoke his cat into making funny noises, or cleans the stove with a toothbrush. The structure is still there, and the route you need to take from A to B. This has to happen, roughly near the start. And you’ve got this plot point somewhere in the middle. That ending is still good, but you might change your mind by the time you reach it. It doesn’t matter. Fix it later. Get the words down. Stack up the pages, one at a time. I can’t for the life of me remember the name for the crest on a certain kind of cast iron gate. Or the name of an arch typical to a kind of architecture peculiar to one area of a country. Flag it and move forward. Get the story right and the rest is glue and staples.


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