My Top Ten non-horror films #6

6 – BLADE RUNNER (1982)


Forget the cliché-ridden voiceover that sounded as if it was phoned in by Harrison Ford. Forget too the happy ending with its bolted-on footage from The Shining. Go for the Director’s Cut. Lean, moody, brutal and brilliant. SF-noir at its most seductive: grimily gorgeous, with a match-made-in-heaven score by Vangelis. I remember being too young to see this at the cinema when it was on at the ABC in Warrington, but I was smitted by the poster (Han/Indy was in it!) and stared at it every time we drove past, desperate to know what the film was about. Quite how it wasn’t a massive hit from day one perplexes me. Maybe early 80s Britain, bruised and battered after the riots and a pervasive mistrust of the police, wasn’t ready for that kind of reflective vision. Not so much futuristic as right here, right now, or at least a glimpse at the shape of things to come.


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