My Top Ten non-horror films #5



Virtually indistinct from the excellent Cormac McCarthy novel, this Coen brothers film introduces you to a monster to equal, if not best, anything seen on the big screen before. Hannibal Lecter? Anton Chigurh makes you look like the pussy cat you are. A wonderful, brave film, with great swathes of silence. It is tense and unconventional and worthy of every award thrown at it. I loved the earlier Coen films such as Fargo, Miller’s Crossing and especially Barton Fink, which would have made this list if NCFOM had not been made, but this film is the first where their weird sense of humour is sidestepped. This one they play for keeps, one of those films that grabs you by the throat and does not let you go, even after the end credits. All the main characters are played to perfection: take a bow Josh Brolin, Kelly MacDonald, Woody Harrelson, Tommy Lee Jones and especially Javier Bardem.


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