My ears! My ears!


You can now enjoy (endure?) two of my books coming at you through your headphones, or your car stereo, or your iGadget of choice. Both London Revenant and Use Once then Destroy are available to download as sound files from Audible. Lynne Jenson and John Curran lend their voices to the stories from UOTD, and Piers Gibbon narrates London Revenant.

The Owl

Photograph © Conrad Williams

My short story, The Owl, originally published in Use Once then Destroy, has taken wing once more. You’ll find it online at Nightmare magazine where you can either read it, or listen to a splendid recording of the story by Stefan Rudnicki.

Shadows & Tall Trees


On October 7th I posted a blog about the Gothic Manchester Festival, and how I was hoping to write a new short story in time for a reading I was scheduled to perform at the International Anthony Burgess Foundation along with Ramsey Campbell and Stephen McGeagh. I intended to write something “brisk and baleful”, around 1500 words. Well, I didn’t. Not brisk, anyway. It ended up being around 6000 words, and I ditched my original title, Way Out Via 30 Steps (although I like that title too much to discard it completely). It is now called Shaddertown, and it will be appearing early next year in the excellent Shadows & Tall Trees (edited by Michael Kelly), alongside Alison Moore, Kaaron Warren, Myriam Frey, David Surface, CM Muller, Robert Levy, Charles Wilkinson, Tara Isabella Burton, VH Leslie, Brett Cox, Michael Wehunt, Ralph Robert Moore and Ray Cluley.