London Revenant comes to the Kindle



My 2004 novel, London Revenant, is now available to buy for your Kindle at the agreeable, if slightly random, price of £4.11. You can find it here.

A madman is pushing people under Tube trains… 

Adam Buckley thinks he knows who it is, but has problems of his own to deal with. Damaged from a recent break-up, his narcolepsy worsening, he learns that his friends have become suicidally obsessed with finding insane, unexplored parts of London. 

He glimpses figures in the subterranean gloom, half recognised faces at parties to which he can’t recall being invited, indications of a life lived yet never remembered. As his confusion deepens, so too does the threat of violence. In peeling back so many of the city’s faces, he fears that the skull beneath the skin might well be known to him.

“Conrad Williams’ novel of a world beneath our own positions itself somewhere on the spectrum between Iain Sinclair and China Miéville, but moves off smartly at an oblique angle to both. Williams may be in the process of developing a new genre, a kind of matter-of-fact Gothic which can draw conclusions about the contemporary heart by rifling its dustbins. Readable, rebarbative and frightening.”
M John Harrison

Penguin Yourself

I’ve always been a big fan of Penguin’s Romek Marber grid and the accompanying simple, clean typography, so a while ago I spent way too much time reimagining my novels as classic Penguin paperbacks (well, we can all dream). I think some of them work better than others (that’s supposed to be a pair of chromosomes on the cover of Decay Inevitable by the way), but it was just a bit of fun and it satisfied the frustrated designer in me. I even created a green crime version of a WIP starring my woebegone PI Joel Sorrell.

You can have a go too if you visit this site.