The Best Horror of the Year, Vol. 6

I’m thrilled to have made the cut for Ellen Datlow’s annual ‘best of’ anthology for the second year running. My story The Fox is reprinted within. The book is due to hit the shelves some time in June. a full ToC can be found here.

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I’m delighted to announce that my story Horizon Deep will feature in the final volume of Stephen Jones’ monumental Zombie Apocalypse! trilogy, to be published by Robinson in the UK and Running Press in the States. Book Three, Endgame, should be out before the end of the year. A complete TOC can be found at Steve’s website.

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Today is the 25th anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster. I knew one of the victims – Ian Whelan – from my form at Priestley sixth form college, Warrington. I remember him as being a quiet, pleasant lad. We never really talked much (although I’m sure I might have made more of an effort had I known […]


Kurt Cobain

I’m not interested in why. I don’t care if there were clues there for all to see. So he was a drug user. So he couldn’t handle fame. Twenty years have sanded away my opinions about that, if I even really had any. Outside of family and friends, his death shocked me like no other. […]

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