Photo: GETTY

Today is the 25th anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster. I knew one of the victims – Ian Whelan – from my form at Priestley sixth form college, Warrington. I remember him as being a quiet, pleasant lad. We never really talked much (although I’m sure I might have made more of an effort had I known he was a fellow Red).

On the 15th April 1989, a gorgeous, sunny day, he, along with 95 other football fans, went to Sheffield to watch a football match and did not come home. I remember my Dad picking me up from my girlfriend’s house with the bad news. We listened to Peter Jones on the radio, relaying the confusion and the horror. Later there was the shock of recognising one of the faces.

As we all know, thanks to the extraordinary reports of evidence being doctored, and police obstruction, the confusion and horror has followed this event ever since. Only now, with the new inquests taking place in Warrington, does it look as though some justice, and hopefully some peace, might come to those poor families deceived for so long.

Never forget. YNWA.

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