Best British Horror 2015

Containing my story Shaddertown, this volume in Salt’s acclaimed series is available to purchase now from Amazon. But think of George thirty years younger at the Twisted Wheel, dressed to the nines in blazer and brogues while she was always at sixes and sevens over what to wear. His hair scraped back with the ubiquitous […]

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Hard Core Bourne

The Bourne Trilogy (John Powell) Propulsive. Edgy. Soaring. Standout track: Berlin Foot Chase All three soundtracks are worth a listen. Tip: ditch Moby… 1002 words

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Norway to go

Substrata (Biosphere) Chilly. Sparse. Melancholic. Standout track: Kobresia* *Yes, I know, there are ‘lyrics’… but they’re in Russian. So it doesn’t count. 1109 words

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A Biography of the Rev. Absalom Dawe (John Surman) Looping. Insistent. Elegiac. Standout track: Countless Journeys 1065 words

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Words and Music

I listen to music when I write. I can’t write in silence, a) because I find the quiet just as distracting as random noise, and b) because it doesn’t exist. Certainly not in a house filled with three roaring boys and a chatty cat. It doesn’t exist today; the neighbours are having their garden landscaped (concrete mixer, […]

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