Words and Music

I listen to music when I write. I can’t write in silence, a) because I find the quiet just as distracting as random noise, and b) because it doesn’t exist. Certainly not in a house filled with three roaring boys and a chatty cat. It doesn’t exist today; the neighbours are having their garden landscaped (concrete mixer, angle grinder, Radio One). Some years ago I invested in a pair of noise-cancelling headphones to combat the headaches I was getting from a series of trans-Atlantic flights.

I can’t listen to music with lyrics, though. One minute you’re typing merrily away, the next you’re thinking ‘what the hell is a sanhedralyte*?’. So my diet pretty much consists of classical music, dark ambient, or soundtracks. Over the coming days, as I try to bend the WIP to my will, I’ll be listing some of my favourites†. I’ll also be providing a word count for the day in the hope it spurs me to break the back of the novel this month.

There will be no order of preference. Here’s today’s choice:

Batman Begins (Hans Zimmer & James Newton)

Downbeat, muscular, achingly beautiful.

Standout track: Lasiurus

* Ask Simon le Bon. I bet he doesn’t know either.

† Not a displacement activity. Nope. Uh-huh. Honest.

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2 thoughts on “Words and Music

  1. I am the same. Listening to any strong lyricist, say Dylan, Cohen, Lennon, Morrison, etc, can kick off a bit of inspiration. But once in the middle of writing something, music with words in get in the way. So classical it is.

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