Dust and Desire: OUT NOW!

Today marks the publication of Dust and Desire. Thanks to Titan for producing a beautiful book. I hope you enjoy Joel Sorrell’s first outing, and the exclusive short story Do Not Resuscitate.

DSC_0009 (1)

When he opened his mouth to speak, fire flew from between his teeth. His clothes were burnt off him and he had the girl’s body. I went to him and twisted his head off, as easily as loosening the screw-cap on a bottle of pop. Inside his head were the words MADE IN CHINA. When I looked at his face, he was the girl from the mag. She winked at us and peeled herself open. I stepped inside her and fell asleep for a thousand years.

‘This is the real deal: crime writing of a flint-edged, visceral nature that may initially appear to foreground narrative momentum, but is really about character; character, that is, which is delivered on the hoof. This is writing of real authority, and Williams is a genuine talent.’
Barry Forshaw, Crime Time

‘I loved this book, great ending. It accompanied me on a long swing through New York, Boston and Philadelphia.’ – James Sallis, author of Drive

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