007 – My Top 5 Novels


Fanboy alert…

The good people over at Forces of Geek are hosting a blog of mine listing my top 5 James Bond novels. You can read it here. I restricted myself to the Ian Fleming series. A tough job, this one, as there are so many great stories to choose from.

My dad bought the original paperbacks when they were published, annually, during the ’50s and ’60s. I read them all one summer in my early teens. Until then, my understanding of James Bond was shaped only by the films that were shown each Christmas on ITV. So it came as some shock to discover that Ian Fleming’s creation was quite different to the sardonic, laconic, cat-who-got-the-cream version I was used to. The two films Timothy Dalton made, and the back-to-basics Bond Daniel Craig has given us are closer to the literary 007: the wine-educated thug, the blunt instrument, the cruel bastard.

Anyway, I’m grateful to FoG for the opportunity to write about one of my passions!


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