The Year’s Best Dark Fantasy & Horror 2018

Edited by Paula Guran, this year's BDF&H (Prime Books) contains my story Succulents, which first appeared in New Fears (Titan Books), edited by Mark Morris.

British Fantasy Awards

News hot off the presses: Dead Letters, published by Titan Books, has been shortlisted for the 2017 British Fantasy Awards (Best Anthology). I couldn't have had a happier time editing this book. All of the contributors were a pleasure to work with and their stories were outstanding. I'm thrilled their collective efforts have led to …

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Dead Letters Teaser #16

Ledge Bants, Maria Dahvana Headley & China Miéville Scores of aspects of my memories, my strength, my powers, were exiled from the world. Which turned out to mean that they were hidden, camouflaged in matter, in lost places, fabled gulleys, reachable only by impossible ways. Hence those years of monster-hunting. You should never underestimate the magic …

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Dead Letters Teaser #8

Is-and, Claire Dean His room was frustratingly bland. She’d expected posters, old CDs, plastic figurines, some traces of him having grown up here. There were just the paintings, more crochet and a crooked twig and wool cross above the bed. She’d read about the crosses, crosh cuirns they were called, in the guidebook. They used …

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Dead Letters Teaser #6

Cancer Dancer, Pat Cadigan The thing about London is, it has no grid. Streets wind and wander; you can start out thinking you're going one place and end up somewhere completely different, with no idea how to get back. It's part of London's charm and it can drive visitors crazy, particularly those from the US. …

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Dead Letters Teaser #5

Wonders to Come, Christopher Fowler When he looked down from the glass stairwell wall he saw that the stage had been vacated. At its back, the immense high-definition screens were black and dead. The movement of the crowd was increasing as those at the back started to push forward. The security teams were trying to …

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