Dead Letters is alive!

It’s always a thrill to receive a box of books in the post. And it was especially satisfying to open this parcel, if only because it meant it hadn’t gone missing (which I was convinced was going to happen). The books are lovely; Titan have done a beautiful job. It seems like such a long […]

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Advent Stories #9

FOOTPRINT ON NOWHERE BEACH I’m Rad Hallah. I work here. I’m a Drop-jockey. No. Let me do that again. Hi. I’m Rad. Rad Hallah. I’m a Drop-jockey. If you die, die nasty, and the plods can’t work out why… buzz my line. Jesus. That hums. One more time. The name’s Hallah. I’m a Drop-jockey. I […]

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Advent Stories #2

  TO THE BEACH Petra was all for it, which scared me deeply. I knew I would have to go along with her or risk losing her to Prentiss or Fauchon, the only other fertile members of our Warren. I wasn’t ready for that, not when I’d spent the best part of a year applying […]

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Dead Letters: the cover

I’m pleased to be able to reveal the cover to the new anthology, scheduled for publication next year. Credit to Titan for agreeing to list every author on the cover. None of that ‘And Many Others’ nonsense here! It was a privilege to work with so many talented writers. I hope you’ll be as impressed […]

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Dead Letters

Coming in April 2016 from Titan Books… Dead Letters An anthology of the undelivered, the missing, the returned… Edited by Conrad Williams The Green Letter – Steven Hall Over to You – Michael Marshall Smith In Memoriam – Joanne Harris Ausland – Alison Moore Wonders to Come – Christopher Fowler Cancer Dancer – Pat Cadigan The Wrong […]

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