British Fantasy Awards

News hot off the presses: Dead Letters, published by Titan Books, has been shortlisted for the 2017 British Fantasy Awards (Best Anthology). I couldn’t have had a happier time editing this book. All of the contributors were a pleasure to work with and their stories were outstanding. I’m thrilled their collective efforts have led to […]

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Advent Stories #21

THE MACHINE When he asked her, she said: ‘A car, wasn’t it? Or was it a bus?’ There was a little smear of mayonnaise on her mouth and her hair was scrunched like dead spiders’ legs at the back, where she had not been able to see it to comb in the mirror. Graham had […]

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Advent Stories #15

O CARITAS Monck realised he had been here too long when he glanced down at his hands to find the knuckles turned blue. The flyover fled off to the left and right of him. Everything else was just scenery. An acid blue sky was crocheted with vapour trails. There were half a dozen jets up […]

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Advent Stories #9

FOOTPRINT ON NOWHERE BEACH I’m Rad Hallah. I work here. I’m a Drop-jockey. No. Let me do that again. Hi. I’m Rad. Rad Hallah. I’m a Drop-jockey. If you die, die nasty, and the plods can’t work out why… buzz my line. Jesus. That hums. One more time. The name’s Hallah. I’m a Drop-jockey. I […]

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Advent Stories #2

  TO THE BEACH Petra was all for it, which scared me deeply. I knew I would have to go along with her or risk losing her to Prentiss or Fauchon, the only other fertile members of our Warren. I wasn’t ready for that, not when I’d spent the best part of a year applying […]

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Science Fiction and Fantasy Ethics

Tired of the negativity and cynicism plaguing much of the fantasy world, writer Andy Remic decided to kick-start a new group devoted to the positive side of things. I’m proud to be one of the authors invited to be involved at the group’s inception (and I’m in stellar company). It’s just gone live and it’s […]

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