Decay Inevitable

Solaris, 2009

Decay Inevitable is a thoroughly engrossing read… It’s one hell of a mystery, and how it’s all wrapped up at the end is well worth sticking around for… fans of horror and dark urban fantasy are in for a real treat… a compelling read that will have me looking out for more of Williams’ work in the future.” 8.75/10
Graham’s Fantasy Book Review

“At his best, Williams has the ability to capture the feeling of being trapped inside a nightmare in passages that are strange, uneasy and darkly humorous… an atmospheric and unsettling read.” 7/10
James Skipp, Total Sci-Fi Online

3 thoughts on “Decay Inevitable

  1. Hi Conrad
    In Chapter 45 of Decay Inevitable, you refer to a book called “The White Badger” by Gordon Burness.
    I know Gordon! He was amazed to find his book referenced in such an unlikely place. He would like to know whether you read his book as a child, or just came across it in research.
    Many thanks
    Chris Shaw

    1. How wonderful! I’ve always liked badgers. My wife bought me the book some years ago. I think she found it in a secondhand bookshop. I did read it, and enjoyed it. Please pass on my regards to Gordon! Thanks.

  2. Decay inevitable is absolute garbage,shit happens to the characters and you can not even be bothered to explain,all the main characters are halfwits and should be feed into a tree shredder ,I can not believe that you are the same author who wrote “the unblemished” a far better book ,in every way possible.

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