Sub ref, please

Watching my son play football yesterday (his team lost to a sickening last-gasp goal), I noticed straight away that the opposition coach had an extraordinarily loud voice. So what else could I do but write down everything he said over the course of the 80 minutes... First Half Keep it moving. Make it stick. Always …

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Non-horror films… bubbling under

Ten films that might once have been on my list, and are still important to me (in no particular order): There Will Be Blood Blue Velvet Barton Fink 2001: A Space Odyssey North by Northwest The Deer Hunter Into the Wild Glengarry Glen Ross The King of Comedy Spartacus    

My Top Ten non-horror films #7

7 – BUTCH CASSIDY AND THE SUNDANCE KID (1969) Having watched this and Marathon Man and discovering they were written by the same guy, William Goldman, and not only that but he wrote novels as well, I tracked down many of his books and pigged out on them one summer (I even read Tinsel, for …

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