Hell is Empty Teaser #2

A stiff breeze, riddled with winter, tore through the exposed bones of the building. There were other giants rising in concert with this one. London, irked by the knowledge that it was a global shortarse, had decided to tilt for the heavens. Across the way the Splinter was nearing completion. Nearly 800 metres of glass …

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Advent Stories #4

CRAPPY RUBSNIFF Stanniford was waiting for them when they got back. He watched the two men enter the room and help themselves to drinks from his cabinet. They settled into a pair of leatherette armchairs on the other side of Stanniford’s desk. Soon, the only sound was that of the traffic on the main road …

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Dust and Desire: OUT NOW!

Today marks the publication of Dust and Desire. Thanks to Titan for producing a beautiful book. I hope you enjoy Joel Sorrell's first outing, and the exclusive short story Do Not Resuscitate. When he opened his mouth to speak, fire flew from between his teeth. His clothes were burnt off him and he had the …

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