Hard Core Bourne

The Bourne Trilogy (John Powell) Propulsive. Edgy. Soaring. Standout track: Berlin Foot Chase All three soundtracks are worth a listen. Tip: ditch Moby… 1002 words

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Ghosts and Deadlines

I’ve been working on a novel with the working title HOUSE OF SLOW ROOMS for the best part of three years. I’ve not been writing it every day, but I’ve certainly been thinking about it every day (which is, some would say, the same thing, or at least part of the job). It has had to […]

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Fancy meeting you here…

Getting certain characters together in fiction without any hint of contrivance is a challenge for any writer. In Sonata of the Dead, my WIP, I’ve got my lead character, a PI named Joel Sorrell, who needs to link up with another character, a woman with whom he will develop a strong working relationship (and maybe more besides). I […]

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Next stop… Shudehill

I have a July deadline. But due to various commitments, my writing time has been cut to two days a week. Luxury, I hear you cry, and you’re right. I’m not complaining. I’m not moaning. But it means I’m having to be a bit more proactive in terms of what I get done and when. […]

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