Dead Letters


‘Fascinating, frightening, and funerary, these dead letters resurrect the art of the short story.’ – Publishers Weekly

‘Frightening at times but always compelling… this anthology has set a high standard which I hope future books will look to match. A tantalising experience for genre enthusiasts.’ – Horror Cult Films

‘Williams has put together a capable group of writers who seemed to delight in his rules of the game and responded with playful and inventive stories.’ – Kate Gorman, Paper Droids

‘…a fascinating collection of vignettes that range from the macabre to the majestic.’ – Allan Walton, Ravenous Monster

Dead Letters is definitely a one of a kind anthology, and each story is completely different, so there’s something for everyone’s reading tastes… Brilliant.’ – Jade’s Library

‘…a very strong anthology with an interesting hook, and the editor has brought together a varied collection of fiction concerned with such themes as loss, communication, the past, other people, and history. I can hardly resist calling a book about the mail first class. But at its best, that’s just what it is, and I heartily recommend it.’ – Gary Fry


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